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Passing Words is beginning the creation of a new project and proud to announce SOMArts as our fiscal sponsor.

We are also very excited to be working with Rafael Sarria Bustamente on the musical composition of our next creation.

Stay tuned here for more information.

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About Us

We created Passing Words because we wanted to create theatre that gives witness to lives that may otherwise have never been recognized. Based on interviews and first-hand personal experiences we collaborate to create a performance piece that will leave a legacy so these lives will not be forgotten.

Lena Mullins and Richard Ciccarone, have a long history of collaboration in creative projects centered around theatre. With his background as a writer, director and producer in theatre, film and television, Richard provides a grounding vision and direction.  A drama therapist with a performance background, Lena offers insight and guidance and leads with the belief in the healing benefits of theatrical expression.



Your donations will create a legacy! 

No donation is too small to help us to give a voice to those stories that may never have been known.


There are also other ways you can help support our work. We are seeking, space for our rehearsals, and volunteers for helping with our shows. For all other donations or volunteer inquiries, please email us!

THANK YOU for your support!

Rebecca Bucher, Michelle Carter, Nick & Brittney deRoulhac, Ulla Mullins, Shannon Hughes, Tiffany Loewenberg, Andrea & Chris Dehner, Steve Meuris, Kristin Scagliotti & Pixie Hall Studios, Jen Maeder, Ann Elizabeth Jones, Marielle Murphy, Virginia Blanco, Breata Caruso, Karen Goldstein, Russell Blackwood, Paula Donnelly,Carol Sinnott-Lewis, Amie Kerr, Wendy Lloyd, Greg deRoulhac,

Tessa White, Karen Gallagher, Felicia Clark, Sarah Abbey, our 3 generous anonymous donors, and TBA for awarding us a CA$H Grant!



The Cast
Chris Pflueger
Lena Mullins
Cole Alexander Smith
David Richardson
Eugenio Solinas

Jeffery's extraordinary story of survival and endurance, from pronounced privilege to homelessness while facing terminal illness, and his search for answers to this existence led him to make art and to create an enduring legacy. His writings are a product of his remarkable life journey and his unfaltering search for meaning.

The JMJ Project strives to give witness to his life while also exploring themes of social justice, identity, and what it is to be seen and understood. From this mission Passing Words was born.

The Inspiration

"The play was astounding in content and performance." - Ellen Katske

"It  (Proof of Life) resonated personally with me on many levels, was poignant, yet with a great sense of humor, and raised many emotions and questions." - Gregangelo Herrera



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